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Jaclyn & Aidan

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When you meet Jaclyn Larson you are struck by both her youth and her maturity. The 24-year-old’s son, Aidan, is now seven years old, and the traumatic brain injury he suffered at age two has altered the course of their lives. When Jaclyn’s not in class at Pima Community College and Aidan’s home from the…


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Ivan, who is now 24 years old, has been a patient at Children’s Clinics for…


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At age six it became apparent that our son, DJ, was very quickly losing his ability to hear. As we wrestled with our fears for him, our pediatrician connected us to Children’s Clinics. Our nerves were calmed a bit when we were greeted at the Clinic and saw the children in the lobby watching movies,…

Carolyn & Snowflake

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Why I volunteer at Children’s Clinics I love volunteering at Children’s Clinics. The staff and…

Gina Murphy-Darling

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Why I Give to Children’s Clinics – “From the first moment I walked in the…

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