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Your gift today will expand and improve our abilities to provide memorable childhood experiences for our patients and families.

Support our Events:

Spring Festival

Make a gift to support our Spring Festival. Your contribution will be used to provide an inclusive event with games, crafts, photos, face paint, and more. Our Spring Festival is on Wednesday, March 25th 2020 from 1:00-4:00pm.

Back-to-School Fair

Adopt a family! Make a gift to support our Back to School Fair. Your contribution will provide backpacks and essential school supplies to our kids. If you choose to “Adopt-A-Family”, your gift will help one family get ready for the new school year with backpacks, school supplies, and personalized new outfits for their first day of school. Our Back-to-School Fair is on Wednesday, July 15th, 2020.

Halloween Party

Make a gift to support our Halloween Party. Your contribution will provide a wheelchair-accessible haunted house, equipment decorating activities, games, crafts, candy, toys, and other treats.

Holiday Toy Days

Make a gift to support our Holiday Toy Days. Your contribution will provide photos with Santa, presents, crafts, games, and more. If you choose to support “Adopt-A-Family”, your gift will help one family enjoy the holidays a little more with personalized gifts and clothing for every child in their family, as well as a gift card for food so that families can enjoy a special holiday meal together.

Support our Adaptive Recreation Program:

Adaptive Recreation

Make a gift to help a child experience the freedom and joy that come with riding a bike! Donate to the Adaptive Recreation Fund.

El Tour de Tucson

For the past two years, Children’s Clinics has been a beneficiary of El Tour de Tucson, one of the largest cycling events in the country.  Our patients, families and staff come together to support the Children’s Clinics community and raise money for kids with special healthcare needs.

Support our Families:

Family Assistance Fund

Some of our families don’t have insurance or need services that their insurance will not pay for. With your help, we’ve got them covered. Your gift to our “Family Assistance Fund” will help uninsured or underinsured children receive the services they need.

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