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Save Our

We need your HELP! For over 20 years, our vibrant fish tank in the lobby has not only added a touch of beauty to our environment but has also played a crucial role in providing a calming and engaging distraction for the children who visit our clinics. Unfortunately, time has taken its toll on our 20-year-old fish tank, and it is now in dire need of repairs.  

The tank’s condition has deteriorated to a point where it is no longer a safe and sustainable home for our aquatic friends. Without immediate action, we face the heartbreaking prospect of having to rehome the fish, a move that would likely be fatal due to the shock and stress involved in relocation.

This is why we need your HELP! To prevent this, our goal is to raise $22,000 to repair and restore the fish tank, ensuring that our fish, including Bubba, can continue to thrive and bring joy to the children who rely on them for comfort and distraction. Every dollar raised will go directly towards replacing the tank and equipment and maintaining a healthy environment for our fish.

Save Our Fish TODAY! Please Donate.

YOU can help save Bubba and his friends. No donation is too big or too small. All funds will go to replacing and repairing their home so children can continue to be greeted by the fish during their visit. 

The current fish tank in need of replacement.

Potential/similar fish tank to keep Bubba and our aquatic friends.