Patient Privacy Policy

Protecting the personal information of our patients (protected health information, PHI) is important to our clinical practice, and we will endeavor to insure the safety and security of your PHI. We use your PHI for treatment, healthcare reimbursement, and healthcare operations. We maintain policies and procedures, along with continuing staff education, to better protect your personal health information. We do not allow anyone to enter our clinical areas unless they are part of our staff, are accompanied by a patient/family member or they are escorted by a staff member. We share your health information to coordinate care with your primary care physician and other care providers. We utilize your health information to submit requests for reimbursement from your insurance carrier.

We also have contracts with transcription services to perform our daily office operations. We have developed a policy and a written statement that all contractors must sign that they will safeguard all information provided to them in the performance of their contractual duties for our office. We have developed internal practices to ensure our electronic data is as secure as possible. Our software suppliers have complied with appropriate federal laws. Each of our employees has their individual password to log onto the electronic information. We maintain the policy that computer screens do not remain open with PHI information if the employee is not occupying the computer. These are just a few of the steps that we take to protect your PHI.

This office will abide by all laws, federal and state, related to the privacy of protected health information. We will abide by the terms in this notice provided to you, and we will endeavor to review our operations so as to do the very best that we can in protecting your health information. Please- if you have questions or concerns related to this notice or your privacy rights-contact our HIPAA Security Officer by asking the receptionist for the contact number.


Please read our Notice of Privacy Practices here.