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Children’s Clinics has over 70 pediatric specialty and sub-specialty physicians available to our kids. Through a unique partnership, providers from community practices, Banner University Medical Center, and Tucson Medical Center all see patients at Children’s Clinics in one, convenient location. Specialty services are integrated with primary care, rehabilitative therapies, and behavioral health to provide seamless, coordinated care for children with complex medical needs. Children’s Clinics has a robust team of outpatient therapists, as well.

Our providers are supported by a comprehensive team of professionals, including child life specialists, education specialists, medical social workers, RN care coordinators, and more.

Primary Care Providers

Children's Clinics in Tucson

David Crawford, MD

Rebecca Egbert, MD

Specialty Care


Brian J. Cammarata, MD

Sang Y. O, DO

Behavior Analysis/Psychology

Andrew W. Gardner, PhD, BCBA


Brent J. Barber, MD

Scott E. Klewer, MD

Daniela Lax, MD

Michael Seckeler, MD

Dental and Orthodontia

John Day, DMD

Lindsay L. Don, DDS

Lauren Hobeich, DDS

Daniel J. Klemmedson MD, DDS

Amanda Pinder, DDS

Andrew Zale, DMD

Developmental Pediatrics

Catherine Riley, MD


Cindy N. Chin, MD

Chetanbabu Patel, MD

Mark Wheeler, MD

Ear, Nose, and Throat

John B. Chastain, MD

Robert L. Dean, MD

David Hu, MD

David A. Parry, MD


Fayez Ghishan, MD

Marie Raphaelle Jean, MD


Eugene H. Hoyme, MD

Christina Laukaitis, MD


Neha Bhasin, MD


Asmaa Abu Maziad, MD

Emmanuel Apostol, MD


Sudeshna (Sue) Bose, MD

Chi Dai, MD

John Gray, MD

Sejal V. Jain, MD

David M. Labiner, MD

Katalin Scherer, MD

Dinesh Talwar, MD


Willard Kasoff, MD

Martin E. Weinand, MD


Patrick C. Henderson, MD

Brian B. Nielsen, MD

Tolga Turker, MD

Francisco G. Valencia, MD

Kent A. Vincent, MD


Lauren Imbornoni, MD

Jordana M. Smith, MD

Joseph M. Miller, MD


John D. Twelker, OD

Pediatric Palliative Care

Rachel E. Cramton, MD

Pediatric Surgery

Catherine Cosentino, MD

Marion Henry, MD

Jeff Hoehner, MD

Cristina Metildi, MD

Physical Medicine

Debra Walter, MD

Plastic Surgery

Craig A. Hurst, MD

Psychiatry, Child/Adolescent

Peter Klinger, MD

Patrick Sola, MD


Cori L. Daines, MD




Richard Ashley, MD

Derrick Johnston, MD

Behavioral Health Providers


Geri Archuleta, LCSW

Jan Cardwell, LCSW

Michelle Mistelske, LCSW

Rehabilitative Therapies Providers

Physical Therapy

Anne Aldrich, PT

Monica Cook, PT

Kelly Farrell, PT

Linda Graziano, PT

Denali Jepsen, PT

Brianna Jordan, PT

Amelia “Molly” Lanning, PT

Kristen Revis, PT

Monica Winters, PT

Occupational Therapy

Amy Acton, COTA

Megan Allen, OT

Valerie Benson, OT

Rachel Fisher, OT

Coleen Gilchrist, OT

Jane Pylman, OT

Bill Weaver, OT


Brenden Bagnoli, AuD

Mary Boll, AuD

Alisha Severson, AuD

Speech Therapy

Cathy DeRuiter, SLP

Andrea Hesson, SLP

Amanda Lopez, SLP

Caroline Madsen, SLP

Tamra Mullen, SLP

Lauren Schenk, SLP

Patti Sorkow, SLP


Lucille Cooke, RDN

Brittany Robertson, RDN

Tiffany Torok, RDN

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