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Mission and Values

Children’s Clinics provides a family centered comprehensive medical home to meet the special needs of children and families. We are committed to providing exceptional care in a respectful and caring environment. We commit to upholding the following values:


  • We communicate clearly and respectfully
  • We maintain a positive attitude
  • We honor privacy


  • We provide exceptional care by working  seamlessly as an interdisciplinary team
  • We provide a clean, safe and engaging environment
  • We serve as a resource for our community


  • We respect the needs of our clients for timely and efficient service
  • We respond to concerns and correct problems promptly
  • We believe in continuous improvement


  • We acknowledge and accommodate each individual’s unique needs
  • We honor the family’s role as primary caretakers
  • We practice kindness and understanding


  • We acknowledge an individual’s ability to learn and grow
  • We believe that change is essential to success
  • We honor our past while looking to the future