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Your AZ Charitable Tax Credit

In Arizona, taxpayers have the unique opportunity to claim a dollar-for-dollar credit on their state taxes when they give to a qualifying charitable organization of their choice, like Children’s Clinics. 

The Arizona Charitable Tax Credit allows you to direct where your tax dollars are allocated, and helps support our mission in providing exceptional care to meet the special needs of children and their families – all while reducing what you owe!

How to receive the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit?

Claiming your credit is easy! After giving to a qualifying charitable organization, like Children’s Clinics, keep your receipt to reference when ready to file for your state taxes. Individuals are able to claim up to $470 and couples who file jointly can claim up to $938 off their state taxes owed. When filing your state taxes, fill out Arizona Form 321 to claim your credit.

Give Local And Support Local Charities

Discover how you can make a significant impact on local charities through the Arizona tax credit program. By redirecting a portion of your state taxes, you can directly support organizations working tirelessly to uplift communities across Southern Arizona.

Click below for our Tax Credit booklet to review information about the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit and how you may receive it by donating to Children’s Clinics!