Every Child is an Athlete

Our Adaptive CUB sports program is designed to teach children the fundamentals of different sports while also interacting in fun and supportive play.

Catch us in 2020 with Adaptive Soccer, Dance and Swim!

Integrative Touch (InTouch)

Integrative Touch (InTouch)  is working to change the way people experience healthcare. A leader in the field of pediatric integrative medicine, the organization supports caregivers and families whose children have any type of special health or medical need. InTouch provides services at Children’s Clinics that promote well-being and support to these families.  Healing Circles are a place for families to receive integrative wellness therapies, play, and find a sense of community- free of charge. Therapies include bodywork, acupuncture, sound healing, energy therapies, play, art, and movement therapies like Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and many more.

Gina Murphy-Darling

Why I Give to Children’s Clinics –

“From the first moment I walked in the door, I’ve been emotionally invested in the work of the Clinic. All it took was one look at the beautiful building, seeing all of the beautiful kids that spend so much of their time here, and observing the caring, supportive staff to know that I am supporting a charity that has an incredible impact in our community. I give to Children’s Clinics because there isn’t anywhere else like it. They take care of the most vulnerable children in our community, and I know that my gifts go directly to helping these kids. I am so proud to be part of the Children’s Clinics family, and I know that I play an integral role in taking care of these children.”

About Gina Murphy-Darling

You might know Gina better as “Mrs. Green” from Mrs. Green’s World, where she is raising environmental IQs and inspiring a global community of people to live life in a way that supports healthy people, healthy communities and a healthy, sustainable planet. You might also know Gina as a local friend, philanthropist, and community leader in Tucson, Arizona. Gina spent 30 years of her career dedicated to social services, and connects deeply with the mission of Children’s Clinics.