Specialty Care

About Our Specialty Care Services

Children’s Clinics has a wide range of pediatric specialty physicians available to serve children from birth to young adulthood. Through a unique partnership, specialists from community practices, Banner University Medical Center, and Tucson Medical Center have appointments available on-site at Children’s Clinics. This ensures that the best pediatric care in the community is available in one, convenient location. Specialty services are integrated with primary care, rehabilitative therapies, and behavioral health to provide seamless care-coordination for children with complex medical needs.

Our specialty care providers are supported by a comprehensive team of professionals, including child life specialists, education specialists, medical social workers, RN care coordinators, and more.

Our specialty care services include:



  • Brian J. Cammarata, MD
  • Sang Y. O, DO

Behavior Analysis/Psychology

  • Andrew W. Gardner, PhD, BCBA
  • Erin Rourke, BCBA


  • Brent J. Barber, MD
  • Jamie Colombo, DO
  • Scott E. Klewer, MD
  • Daniela Lax, MD
  • Michael Seckeler, MD
  • Shelby White, MD

Dental and Orthodontia

  • John Day, DMD
  • Lindsay L. Don, DDS
  • Daniel J. Klemmedson MD, DDS
  • Gregory LaChance, DDS
  • Amanda Pinder, DDS
  • Andrew Zale, DMD

Developmental Pediatrics

  • Catherine Riley, MD


  • Cindy N. Chin, MD
  • Mark Wheeler, MD

Ear, Nose, and Throat

  • John B. Chastain, MD
  • Robert L. Dean, MD
  • David Hu, MD
  • David A. Parry, MD
  • Jonathan Young, MD


  • Fayez Ghishan, MD
  • Hassan Hassan, MD
  • Marie Raphaelle Jean, MD


  • Eugene H. Hoyme, MD
  • Christina Laukaitis, MD


  • Neha Bhasin, MD
  • Yi Zeng, MD


  • Asmaa Abu Maziad, MD
  • Emmanuel Apostol, MD


  • Sudeshna (Sue) Bose, MD
  • John Gray, MD
  • Sejal V. Jain, MD
  • David M. Labiner, MD
  • Katalin Scherer, MD
  • Dinesh Talwar, MD


  • Willard Kasoff, MD
  • Martin E. Weinand, MD


  • Patrick C. Henderson, MD
  • Brian B. Nielsen, MD
  • Luis Piedrahita, MD
  • Tolga Turker, MD
  • Francisco G. Valencia, MD
  • Kent A. Vincent, MD


  • Jordana M. Smith, MD
  • Joseph M. Miller, MD


  • John D. Twelker, OD

Pediatric Dermatology

  • Sierra C. Wolter, MD

Pediatric Palliative Care

  • Rachel E. Cramton, MD

Pediatric Surgery

  • Catherine Cosentino, MD
  • Marion Henry, MD
  • Jeff Hoehner, MD

Physical Medicine

  • Debra Walter, MD

Plastic Surgery

  • Craig A. Hurst, MD

Psychiatry, Child/Adolescent

  • Patrick Sola, MD


  • Cori L. Daines, MD


  • Telemedicine


  • Richard Ashley, MD
  • Derrick Johnston, MD

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