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Beyond Physical Care

Children’s Clinics provides a unique and wide range of services in our approach to caring for children.  We recognize that our children’s needs go beyond their physical care, which is why we offer multiple support services with dedicated team members to address the various needs of our patients and families.  It is our mission to ensure our families are properly taken care of while they seek care for their kids at the clinic. Read more about each of our support services below!

Support Services Offered: 

Patient and Family Services

Social Workers are a crucial part of our team here at Children’s Clinics.  They are available every day to promote our family-centered medical treatment, as well as assist in identifying community resources, school and emotional support to the patients.

Nursing Services

Registered Nurses and Certified Medical Assistants at the Children’s Clinics are experts in pediatric care.  They are the clinic’s main source of patient education, care coordination, and primary contact for our patients and families during and between visits.

Education Support

Our Education Specialists work closely with families on how to be education advocated for their kids by providing outreach, training with schools, and arranges home-bound services if their child is unable to attend school.  The work of our Education Specialists is crucial in improving the quality of life for our patients and families.

Child Life

Children’s Clinics shows unique dedication to the care of our patients and families, including being the only out-patient facility in Southern Arizona that offers the services of a Child Life Specialists.  The role of our Child Life Specialist is to administer patient care by teaching them important coping skills, helping them to better tolerate any procedures they require at the clinic. Child Life works to address each child’s diagnosis and provide opportunities that strengthen their social interactions.  The Child Life Specialist will also work with families in preparation for hospitalizations and surgeries their child may undergo.

On-site Lab and X-Ray Services

Our on-site lab and x-ray services are staffed with hard-working technicians and supported by the Child Life Specialist who offers assistance when children express anxiety during lab procedures.  The clinic also has on-site X-ray department that allows imaging to be viewed at the time of the patient visit which enables them to adjust the treatment plan more quickly.

Pet Therapy Program

Our specially trained and certified therapy animals contribute to the happiness of our patients during their appointment time.  They decrease patient anxiety, stress, and motivate them while they are seeking treatment. The Children’s Clinics Pet Therapy Program is special to our patients and gives them a distraction from the health challenges they face.

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